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#CBSE Re-Exam Updates: Class 12 Economics Re-Test On April 25, Class 10 Maths Date Not Decided

New Delhi March 30CBSE Class 12 economics paper will be held on April 25. The Board has not decided a date for Class 10Maths re-exam. The CBSE board has decided to re-conduct exams for Class 10 Mathematics and Class 12 Economics paper on Wednesday after the paper leak was reported from Delhi. Education Secretary Anil Swarup told the media today that as the leak was restricted to Delhi and Haryana of Class 10 Maths if it at all a re-exam will happen, it will happen only in Delhi and Haryana, and a decision will be taken on this in next 15 days.

Jio Prime to Remain Free for Existing Users for 1 More Year

subscription will be provided for another year on complimentary basis to the customers who have already paid the Rs. 99 membership fee before March 31, 2018. This essentially means any Jio user who has paid for Prime does not have to buy it again, and will receive the benefits associated with it free of cost. However, those who join the Jio network and opt for Prime after April 1 will have to pay Rs. 99 as the membership cost. As before, the Prime benefits will be provided to customers for a period of 12 months, i.e. March 2019. However, existing users will have to go through an opt-in process to avail the free service for another year.

The ongoing Jio Prime subscription ends for all customers tomorrow, March 31, regardless of whether they purchased it in March or August or January. All existing Prime users are eligible to avail the complimentary membership for 12 months. Users will find the option to avail the service for another year in the MyJio app. And as mentioned previously, new users will have to pay the Rs. 99 price.

Jio said in a statement, “The continued availability of the Jio Prime membership to new subscribers reiterates Jio’s commitment to deliver a differentiated Digital Life experience to Indians, and will propel this into the world’s largest loyalty programme.”

Notably, the company in the statement revealed it now has 175 million users across the country, up from 160 million in December 2017. It also claimed it will provide "20-50 percent more value to Jio Prime users, always."

The Prime subscription was announced in February last year as the company went from a free service and adopted the paid model. Priced at Rs. 99 for the whole year, the subscription comes to an end tomorrow, March 31. Prime users were to be given additional data at the same prices compared to non-Prime members. While it was an opt-in service initially, the Prime membership fee was later automatically added to the recharge cost when a user tried to purchase a pack, thus making it effectively mandatory.

Jio Prime subscription is essential if you want to benefit from the offers the company provides from time to time, such as the Rs. 50 discounts on recharge packs with daily data allocations. Similarly, the Jio promise to offer data tariffs 20 percent lower than the nearest competitor works out for Prime users only. Moreover, the access to content apps, which the operator values at Rs. 10,000 for the whole year, comes only with plans for which Prime subscription is a pre-requisite. Jio’s suite of apps includes Jio TV, Jio Music, Jio News, etc. However, despite the membership, customers are still required to purchase separate recharge packs with validities to use the network.

दिल्ली यूनिवर्सिटी के एक 21 वर्षीय छात्र की उसके ही साथी ने हथौड़े से मारकर की हत्या

दिल्ली में उस वक्त हड़कंप मच गया ,जब दिल्ली यूनिवर्सिटी के एक 21 वर्षीय छात्र की उसके ही साथी ने पहले हथौड़े से मार हत्या कर दी| आपको बता दे की

दिल्ली यूनिवर्सिटी के साउथ कैंपस स्थित राम लाल आनंद कॉलेज में पढऩे वाला छात्र आयुष नौटियाल (21) का 22 मार्च शाम को गायब हो गया था। इसके बाद उसी शाम उसी के मोबाइल से उसके पिता को व्हाट्स एप मैसेज कर 50 लाख रुपए फिरौती देने की मांग की थी।

छह दिनों तक भटकाने के बाद आरोपी ने उसके शव को बुधवार रात द्वारका सेक्टर 13 के नाले के पास झाडिय़ों में फेंक दिया। उस समय उसके दोनों हाथ बंधे हुए थे और शरीर पर कई चोट के निशान थे। वही इस मामले में पुलिस ने जाँच करनी शुरू कर दी , जिसमे पता चला की

उसके ही साथी ने

परिजनों को भटकाने के लिए करीब छह दिनों तक अपहरण का नाटक करते रहे। बाद में उसके शव को फेंक फरार हो गए । पुलिस ने एक सीसीटीवी फुटेज के आधार पर हत्यारे साथी को 26 वर्षीय इस्ताक नामक युवक को गिरफ्तार कर लिया है।

लूट का विरोध करने पर बदमाशों ने सरेराह एक म हिला को चाकुओं से गोदकर की हत्या , महिला की मौ त

दिल्ली में बदमाशों के हौसले बुलंद होते जा रहे है | आपको बता दे की दिल्ली में दो बदमाशों ने सरेराह एक महिला की चाकुओं से गोद हत्या कर दी। दरअसल बदमाशों ने उस महिला को लूटने की कोशिश की , जिसका उस महिला ने विरोध किया | वही विरोध करने पर बदमाशों ने उस महिला को

चाकुओं से गोद मौत के घाट उतार दिया | खासबात ये है की

जिस समय ये वारदात हुई उस दौरान वहां खड़े लोग मूकदर्शक बने रहे |

वही दूसरी तरफ

मौके पर पति व बाद में दो दुकानदारों के साहस के चलते दोनों बदमाशों को पकड़ा लिया गया | वही इस मामले में पुलिस के अधिकारीयों का कहना है की दोनों बदमाशों की पहचान

दक्षिणपुरी अंबेडकर नगर निवासी अजय और विजेंद्र के रूप में हुई है। हत्या में इस्तेमाल चाकू भी पुलिस ने बरामद कर लिया है। फिलहाल हत्या का मामला दर्ज कर आगे की कार्रवाई कर रही है।

UP CM inaugurates elevated road in #Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad, Mar 30 (PTI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today inaugurated a 10.30-km-long elevated road, touted to be the longest of its kind in the country, connecting UP Gate and Rajnagar Extension here.

Built at a cost of Rs 1,147 crore, the six-lane elevated road is supported on 227 pillars.

District magistrate and the vice chairperson of Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) Ritu Maheswar had said, as per its design, vehicle owners will be allowed to drive at an average speed of 80 km per hour on the road.

After inaugurating the road at Rajnagar extension area, the chief minister took it to travel to Vasundhara.

Samajwadi Party MLC Rakesh Yadav, had “inaugurated” the road on March 16 claiming that the project was started during party’s rule in the state. An FIR was lodged against Yadav along with several SP workers.

Best Home Remedies for Frequent Urination in Women

Why not we go for natural treatment to combat this urge of frequent urination? This article will let you know some of the best home remedies for frequent urination.

1. Cherries: Cherry is one of the most important foods that you need to add to your diet as it contains fibre, which helps prevent constipation and consequently prevents urinary incontinence as well.

2. Boiled Spinach: Boiled spinach is packed with nutrients and helps in providing relief from frequent urination at night. Mixing coconut water with spinach and having it also helps in balancing the excess urine and controls the urine flow.

3. Fenugreek Seeds: Fenugreek seeds have effective diuretic effect that help to cure many urinary disorders. It helps in preventing urinary problems and prevents it from recurring. This is considered to be one of the best home remedies for frequent urination.

4. Sesame Seeds: Sesame seeds are packed with essential fibres, minerals and vitamins as well as antioxidants that help to combat frequent urination in women. It is one of the best solutions for frequent urination.

5. Roasted Horse Grams: Horse grams are rich in polyphenols, iron and calcium molybdenum that help in treating urinary conditions, especially frequent urination.

6. Pomegranate Paste: The paste of pomegranate peel is an effective remedy for treating urinary problems. It contains vitamins and antioxidants that helps in lowering the heat of our bladder and reduces the urge for frequent urination. It is the one of the best remedies for frequent urination at night.
7. Cranberry: Cranberry contains antibacterial properties that help in treating urinary tract infections as well as frequent urination. This is considered to be one of the best home remedies for frequent urination.

8. Pumpkin Seed Extract: This contains fatty acids that help in improving the health of the prostate and the bladder, thus reducing the urge for frequent urination.