Daily Archive: March 11, 2018

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath announces a compensation of Rs 2,00,000 for the patient in #Jhansi incident

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath announces a compensation of Rs 2,00,000 for the patient in incident where the hospital staff used his severed leg as a pillow for him. The CM also asked the Chief Medical Secretary to submit a report of the incident in 1 day.

258 passports found dumped along a road in Haryana’s Kalanwali; police investigation underway

The Haryana Police on Sunday found as many as 258 passports dumped along a road in Kalanwali in Sirsa district. Following a tip off from some local villagers, the police reached the site and took the passports into possession. We have taken the passports and some other documents

Election Commission wants to link Aadhaar with voter ID cards

In a significant move, it has been reported that the Election Commission (EC) has filed a revised petition in the Supreme Court to make the Aadhaar linking mandatory with Voter ID cards. According to the poll panel, mandatory seeding can prevent voter fraud and ensures that each person has only one vote.

It must be noted that the EC had initially said that linking the Aadhar to all voter cards is voluntary. However, it later changed its opinion after former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) AK Joti took over in 2016. As per reports, almost 32 crore Aadhaar numbers have already been linked to voter ID cards. The present Chief Election Commissioner O P Rawat said, “So far, as many as 32 crore Aadhaar numbers have been linked to voters’ ID cards. Another 54.5 crores will be done as soon as we get a nod from the Supreme Court.”

According to Mr Rawat, it would take very little time to link another 54.5 crore Aadhaar numbers as they were able to link 32 crore Aadhars within a short span of three months.
Earlier, the poll panel had issued guidelines for linking Aadhaar with voter ID cards as part of the National Electoral Rolls Purification and Authentication Programme (NERPAP).
However, this move was stayed by the Supreme Court by stating that the Aadhaar card will not be used by the people for any purpose other than the PDS scheme and for the purpose of distribution of food grains and cooking fuel such as kerosene.

Later the EC submitted an application to a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court for the collection of Aadhaar details of voters and linking them to their database. The EC has also made it clear that even though it supports compulsory seeding of Aadhaar with the voter card, it does not want the Aadhaar card to be used as the Electors’ Photo Identity Card.

Food stalls, free Wi-Fi at Tulip Garden, Will be thrown open to the public on 25th March

Srinagar Mar 11: Visitors to Asia’s largest Tulip Garden on the banks of Dal Lake here can enjoy free wi-fi access, in addition to many other new facilities, when the garden opens to the public later this month. The Garden will be thrown open to the public on March 25.

“With the need of staying connected increasing by the day, the floriculture department, in collaboration with the BSNL, is providing free wi-fi connectivity to visitors,” as informed by Floriculture Director Mathoora Masoom.

He said several other initiatives have been taken to make the visitors, a large number of whom are tourists, feel comfortable during their visit to the Tulip Garden. “We have added more green spaces inside the garden so that the visitors can rest and enjoy the beauty of the flowers in full bloom,” she said.

The official said this year, the department has planted 12.25 lakh Tulip bulbs over an area of 10 hectares.

“We have added some other flower plants to the Tulip Garden this year which includes Hyacinths, Daffodils, Narcissus and other ornamental plants,” she said, adding this season, 40,000
Hyacinth bulbs have been planted in a separate terrace and more fresh plantation is in full swing.

The officer said the department has added several new fountains to the garden. There was just one fountain earlier.

Boy falls in borewell in MP, rescue operations on

Dewas (Madhya Pradesh): Rescue operations are underway to save a four-year-old boy in a Madhya Pradesh village after he fell into an open borewell, officials said on Sunday, March 11.

Roshan fell into a 33-feet deep borewell in Umaria village in Madhya Pradesh’s Dewas district on the morning of March 10.

A parallel pit is being dug to rescue Roshan, said District Magistrate Ashish Singh, adding that the rescue work by the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and army was underway in full swing.

The boy is being monitored by a camera and can be seen moving. He is also being provided with oxygen, milk and water, Singh said.

He added that the boy’s chances of survival are high.

Avengers: Infinity War – Deaths, soul stones, spoilers and trailer, 10 details revealed

From Thanos’ motives, soul stone’s location to Tony Stark and Pepper’s story, and role of Black Panther’s Wakanda, a few Avengers: Infinity War spoilers revealed. Marvel Studio might be enjoying the success of Black Panther, as the movie crosses $1 billion mark within a month of its release,