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Valentines Special- 5 Astrological Tips To Keep Your Man In Control

Control on your husband doesn’t mean that you are ruling over him. But the actual meaning is that from some of the astro tips you are controlling the short temper and making your husband soft natured and a center of attraction for everyone.

* The short tempered person should sit mostly in a Northwest direction of a living room. Moon is the lord of Northwest direction and it will help you to keep balance in moods and emotions.

* Display a Moon yantra on the east wall of living room to give you peace of mind.

* The element of Southeast direction is fire which ignites anger so avoid sitting in Southeast corner of a living room.

* Short tempered person should keep the head in the South or East direction, while sleeping. It will enable a sound sleep and give energy to work and stay fit.

* Display a painting of white doves flying high in the sky in the Northwest wall of bedroom. There should be no water in the painting.


Valentines Special- 5 Vastu Tips To Maintain Balance In Your Love Life

Major imbalances in your house can turn the relationships sour, causing unnecessary conflicts with your loved ones. Thus, presence of a positive cosmic field is necessary for your relationship to blossom. We suggest a few ways to create balance in the zones that predominantly affect your relationships. These zones can be conveniently located using a compass.

* South west is the zone of relationships, marriage, family harmony, bonding and stability in life. When there are disturbances in this zone, such as presence of a toilet, it severely affects family relations. You will notice that all your relations are stressed and there’s continuous dispute in the house.

* Mid of South West is the zone of waste and disposal. Creating toilets/bathrooms in this zone symbolizes ‘deliberately disposing of waste’ and strengthens your ability to ‘let go’. For building stronger relationships, it is necessary to let go of things and overlook your partner’s shortcomings. This also allows you to have an uncluttered mind, which is a prerequisite for a happy life.

* North East is recognized as the place of God and is considered to be highly charged with divine energies. You should ideally use this zone for meditation, since this place gives you clarity and receptivity. A kitchen should never be constructed here as it leads to aggressive behaviour, which in turn, affects relations.

* Mid of North to North West is the zone of rati, which means sensual enjoyment and sense of fulfillment. This zone strengthens the bond between married couples, thereby having your bedroom in this direction is highly recommended.

* East To North East is the zone of recreation and happiness. Again, presence of a toilet here makes you feel stressed and you may experience bitterness in your relations.


Valentines Special- 5 Ways To Fill Your Room With Romance

Marriage is the most intimate relationship two people on earth can have. After marriage the bedroom become the most important part of your life. This is the one room where you and your spouse can enjoy the relationship that God created for you to share, so there should be special attention paid to it. Here are some tips so that you can make your bedroom sexy and most romantic place-

* A feather carpet

Make it in mind that you might want to end up on the floor. So, choose some fur-feathered and super soft carpet. When you will fall on it then surely it will feel you like heaven.

* Satin fabric Bed-sheets

Satin fabric is the symbol of love, whether it be a sexy night suit or the bed-sheets. You will love to have intimate relations on it.

* Candles

Candles is the most romantic thing and create moods. You can also use the massage candles in which you can set the mood, Light the candles. Then, on to the fun stuff. The wax melts into massage oil.

* A Romantic Mirror

Accent your room with reflective surfaces like this ornate mirror that will bounce around mood lighting and add glamour to your decor. Hang above your bed as wall art.

* Sheer Curtains

The bedroom calls for something light and airy on the windows. Sheers (with a subtle print) are a decorative touch.

Source: Dailyhunt