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MP court issues warrant against minister in murder case

Bhopal, Dec 5 (PTI) A court in Bhind today issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against Madhya Pradesh minister Lal Singh Arya, an accused in the murder of a Congress MLA in 2009.

Special judge Yogesh Gupta issued the warrant against Arya, prosecutor Sabalsingh Bhadoria told PTI.

The development comes a fortnight after the Gwalior bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court turned down Arya’s anticipatory bail plea.

On August 8, the special judge had issued a bailable warrant against Arya in connection with the murder of Congress MLA from Gohad Makhanlal Jatav.

Jatav was shot dead by unidentified persons on April 13, 2009 during the general elections.

Arya was later booked as an accused, besides others.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition in the state Assembly Ajay Singh has demanded immediate resignation of Arya.

Cyclone Ockhi passes Mumbai coast without causing damage, slowly nears Gujarat

Maharashtra closed down schools and colleges, including those in Mumbai and adjoining areas, in the wake of forecast of rain triggered by Cyclone Ockhi on Tuesday.

The storm that left behind a trail of destruction in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Lakshadweep was expected to make landfall in Gujarat on Tuesday night, causing heavy rains in the state and adjoining Maharashtra.

Home ministry said that Cyclone Ockhi was not expected to have high impact in Gujarat which is geared “for the worst situation” caused by the landfall of the disaster.

The cyclone is expected to hit the state’s coastal areas in Surat city on Tuesday midnight.

Panel formed by Delhi govt to look into incident of baby wrongly declared dead submits report, finds Max hospital guilty of not following norms in dealing with newborns: Govt sources.

Panel formed by Delhi govt to look into incident of baby wrongly declared dead submits report, finds Max hospital guilty of not following norms in dealing with newborns: Govt sources.

Cyclone Ockhi to Make Landfall in Surat, Mumbai Around Midnight; Election Rallies Cancelled

Ahmedabad, Dec 5: The Cyclone Ockhi is expected to make landfall in coastal Gujarat and Maharashtra’s Mumbai by Tuesday midnight and may cause heavy rains in several parts of the two states. The Cyclone Ockhi is expected to cross Surat, bringing heavy rainfall in coastal districts of Gujarat, said the Indian Meteorological Department in Ahmedabad. Several political rallies for the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections were cancelled following the stormy weather conditions.

Gujarat Chief Minister Rupani cancelled three election rallies in his Assembly constituency Rajkot and rushed to Surat to take stock of the preparedness ahead of Cyclone Ockhi’s arrival. “Entire Surat administration is prepared to deal with any eventualities in case of possible landfall of Cyclone Ockhi. We are focusing on the cyclone, the election is secondary,” he told reporters. The government has decided to keep communication lines open to provide rescue and relief.

2 arrested for demanding Rs 50 lakh from businessman

New Delhi, Dec 5 (PTI) Two men were arrested for allegedly demanding Rs 50 lakh from a ready-made garments shop owner in lieu of sparing the life of his son, the police said today.

On December 3, the 57-year-old businessman, received a call demanding ‘protection money’ for the life of his son, they said.

When a call was made to the number, the phone was found to be switched off. Its last location was Baljeet Nagar and the caller had left his registered address a few years ago, the police said.

Pravesh Kumar alias Praveen (31) was arrested from Baljeet Nagar and he led the police to his accomplice, Aman (22), who was arrested from Karol Bagh, they said.

During interrogation, Praveen revealed that he had started a washing plant for ready-made garments and was working with the businessman. After suffering financial losses earlier this year, due to his drinking habits, he had to shut down the plant, the police claimed.

Praveen’s friend Aman lent him Rs 70,000 which he could not return despite repeated requests. Since both of them were under financial constraints they plotted to extort money from Praveen’s former employer, they said.

Praveen used an SIM card issued in his name, when he was staying in Karol Bagh eight to 10 years ago, to make the call demanding the ‘protection money’.

After making the extortion call, the accused got it blocked on the pretext that the cellphone had got stolen, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Rohini) Rajneesh Gupta said.


Uniform Civil Code Not Possible, Personal Laws Can Not be Scrapped: Law Commission Chairman

New Delhi, Dec 5: Law Commission Chairman Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan said the Uniform Civil Code is difficult to implement, hence the commission is now planning to suggest religion-wise amendments in family laws. Speaking to a news channel, Justice Chauhan said the Constitution protects personal laws and it can never be done away with. The Uniform Civil Code could disturb the essence of the Constitution, he said. The commission was asked by the Law Ministry in June 2016 to examine whether a Uniform Civil Code could be introduced in India.

Instead of the Uniform Civil Code, the 21st Law Commission is now planning to suggest specific amendments to several personal law legislations. The idea of Uniform Civil Code gained momentum after the Supreme Court ruled against the practice of triple talaq. However, Justice Chauhan said, “Personal Laws can never be done away with as they have constitutional protection.” He further said the commission was not considering Uniform Civil Code as an option.

“Uniform Civil Code is not possible. We will try to recommend religion-wise amendments in family laws. It would be the piecemeal way to suggest what are the changes required in Hindu law, Muslim law, Christian law, Parsi law, etc. We will target the problems of each religion and deal with them accordingly. We cannot take the whole Uniform Civil Code, as we cannot go outside the constitution,” the Law Commission chairman was quoted as saying.

Justice Chauhan said the Constitution guarantees several exemptions to different sections of the society and Personal Laws cannot be struck down. “Constitution itself has given so many exemptions to so many people like the tribals, etc. There are exemptions even in Civil Procedure Code and Criminal Procedure Code… UCC is not a solution and there cannot be a composite Act. You cannot say forget the Constitution and do away with the sixth schedule. This would make people question their accession to the Indian Union on the understanding that they will be respected,” he told the channel.

Speaking on triple talaq issue, the Law Commission chairman said they don’t need to intervene in aspects where the court has already issued a verdict. He further said the commission received over 50,000 responses on the feasibility and various aspects of the Uniform Civil Code. “But now, after going through the responses, we have realised that most of them were with regard to triple talaq. Now that matter has been settled by the SC, it’s of no use to us anymore,” said Justice Chauhan.

The former Supreme Court judge also rejected media reports that the draft of the Uniform Civil Code would be available by early next year. “The deadline for the UCC is my own tenure and that is August 30, 2018. It is not a thing that can be prepared in a half-baked manner. If not a composite legislation for everyone, at least specific amendments can be made,” he was quoted as saying.

पति की बेवफाई से थी नाराज, प्राइवेट पार्ट पर डाल दिया खौलता तेल

मदुरै. पति पत्नी का रिश्ता सात जन्मों का माना जाता है. पति अपनी पत्नी की रक्षा का वचन देता है. तो वहीं पत्नी भी सुख-दुख में साथ देने का वादा करती है. लेकिन जब पति और पत्नी के बीच कोई तीसरा आ जाता है तो वहां अपराध जन्म लेता है. एक ऐसा ही मामला सामने आया है जहां एक पत्नी ने अपने पति के साथ कुछ ऐसा किया जिसे जानकर आपके रोंगटे खड़े हो जाएंगे.

मामला तमिलनाडु के मदुरै का है जहां पर पत्नी ने अपने पति के प्राइवेट पार्ट में खौलता तेल डाल दिया. इस झगड़े में शशिकला नामक महिला को पुलिस ने गिरफ्तार कर लिया है. वहीं घायल पति ( एम. परमेश्वर ) का इलाज नजदीक के अस्पताल में किया जा रहा है. पुलिस ने आरोपी महिला शशिकला के खिलाफ मामला दर्ज कर लिया है.

पति पर था शक
जांच में पता चला कि शशिकला को अपने पति एम परमेश्वर पर शक था कि उसका दूसरी महिला के साथ रिश्ता है. इसके बाद दोनों में इस मसले को लेकर कई बार झगड़ा भी हुआ. तंग आकर परमेश्वर ने अपने घर आना बंद कर दिया और विरत्तीपाथू में दूसरी महिला के साथ उसके घर पर रहने लगा.

शशिकला ने इस बात की शिकायत पास के पुलिस स्टेशन में भी की थी. लेकिन उसका कोई हल नहीं निकला. इसके बाद एक दिन शशिकला ने अपने पति परमेश्वर को फोन कर घर बुलाया और वादा किया कि अब कभी उससे झगड़ा नहीं करेगी. लेकिन जब परमेश्वर शनिवार की रात सो रहा था. ठीक उसी समय शशिकला ने उसके प्राइवेट पार्ट पर खौलता हुआ तेल डाल दिया.

PAN-Aadhaar Card linkage : Government to cancel all PANs not linked

PAN-Aadhaar Card linkage: Government to cancel PANs not linked after 3-6 months, if SC rules in favour

The government will cancel all PANs that have not been linked after giving 3-6 months to link the biometric identifier Aadhaar with PAN, a senior official has said. The cancellation will weed out all duplicate PANs and make benami transactions void but will only take place in case the apex court rules in favour of the linkage. The current deadline for linking the 10-digit alphanumeric PAN (Permanent Account Number), issued by the Income Tax Department, with Aadhaar is December 31. The government has indicated to the Supreme Court that it is willing to extend this deadline to March 31, 2018. The official said that in the event of the apex court upholding the government position of making linking of PAN with Aadhaar mandatory and agreeing with the proposed deadline, a 3-6 month grace period would be given to allow all taxpayers to do the linking. As of November, 13.28 crore out of 33 crore PANs have been linked to the 12-digit Aadhaar, he said. “The linking exercise is aimed at eliminating duplicate PAN cards which are being used by unscrupulous elements to avoid paying due taxes,” the official said. Not linking PAN with Aadhaar even after the grace period will render the PAN invalid, he said. “We can give 3 to 6-month window after December 31 for the linking,” he said.

NDMC presents 2018-19 budget estimates

New Delhi, Dec 5 (PTI) The NDMC’s budget estimates for 2018-19 were presented today with the proposal of a single slab of 15 per cent for residential and 20 per cent for commercial property taxes.

Proposals for imposition of betterment and professional taxes were also presented.

Presenting the budget, North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) Commissioner Madhup Vyas proposed simplification and rationalisation of property taxes.

There are eight categories of residential properties and taxes ranging from 7 to 12 per cent. The proposed 15 per cent tax on residential properties will cover all these categories.

For all categories of commercial properties, the current rate is 15 per cent, which is proposed to be enhanced to 20 per cent.

The budget estimates to collect Rs 725 crore in 2018-19.

The rebate on one-time payment of property tax by June 30, is proposed to be slashed from the existing 15 per cent to 10 per cent.

The civic body is also developing an interactive portal for property tax, and at present, details of 4.5 lakh properties have been digitised, the commissioner said.

In line with the recommendations of the second and third Delhi Finance Commission, a betterment tax at the annual rate of 15 per cent was proposed by the commissioner for financing infrastructure works, development of transportation facilities and redevelopment of colonies.

The professional tax would come under three categories of Rs 1,200, Rs 2,400 and Rs 2,500 per annum, he said, adding that a special cell would be formed to compare database and realise the tax from processionals living in the NDMC area.

“We hope with these measures, the NDMC will be financially self-reliant by the end of the 2019,” the official said.

However, the chairman of the standing committee of the BJP-ruled civic body, Tilak Raj Kataria said that the proposed taxes will be discussed thoroughly and a final decision would be taken keeping in mind the interests of the people.

The commissioner in his budget estimates also highlighted various initiatives and proposals in different areas, including education, health and sanitation.

It has also been proposed to install 20,000 CCTV cameras in sensitive areas of the civic body with funds from a central government scheme.

It was also highlighted that the NDMC has trained 503 teachers of its schools to work for identification and rehabilitation of children addicted to drugs. Thirty such students were rehabilitated.

The commissioner said that community toilets would be handed over to private agencies for proper maintenance. The civic body would bear 50 per cent of the interest amount on loan taken by sanitation workers for medical and engineering education of their children, he said.

Parking facilities would be developed further with multi- storey parkings at the Shiva Market (Pitampura) and Rani Bagh besides providing basement parkings at ground level facilities at Gandhi Maidan and Chandni Chowk.

The budget estimate proposed total revenue of Rs 8,562.28 crore and total expenditure of 8,562.13 crore, for 2018-19.

The revised estimate for 2017-18 total revenue is 5,765.96 crore and expenditure is 5,765.66 crore.