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Earning livelihood not at the cost of people’s lives: HC

New Delhi, Nov 20  Earning of livelihood cannot be at the cost of people’s lives, the Delhi High Court said today as it came down heavily on people using residential premises to carry out commercial activities.

A bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar made the observation while expressing concern over large number of coaching institutes coming up in residential areas here including the Delhi University campus, causing parking woes and other inconvenience to the local residents.

“It is a very impossible situation. The people living in the city have become selfish for earning profit out of their business. They don’t even think about their neighbours.

“However, somebody’s livelihood is not over somebody’s life, and running a coaching centre is certainly not. This is only right to business and not education,” the bench observed.

While asking the owners to resolve the problem of chaos, the bench said the commercial activities being carried on was illegal and it should go.

“Shift the commercial activities to other place. Let the city live and its people breathe. Delhi was never like this before,” it said, adding that the students will also move out if you decide to shift.

The court’s observation came during the hearing of pleas by Delhi residents Sanjay Singhal and Kanchan Gupta, who have alleged that over 100 coaching centres were permitted to be run by the MCD in residential properties.

They have also said that these centres were allowed to come up without conforming to the requirements of the master plan for buildings.

Contending that this was completely illegal and ought not to have been permitted, they alleged that it was resulting in overcrowding of these areas and causing “grave nuisance to the bonafide residents.”

“The main roads in front of the building being converted into parking space for the students and the employees of the coaching centres, creating bottleneck for the traffic, apart from the nuisance due to noise and lack of water and electricity,” the petitioners have claimed.

The court had earlier observed that the national capital “will breathe” easier if it stayed all such conversion of residential properties for commercial use without adhering to the master plan requirements.

The court listed the matter for December 14 by when it has asked the coaching institutes to chalk out plans.

It also said that any action, including admission of students in the coaching institutes, will be subject to the final outcome of the petitions pending before it.

The court is also hearing several students’ applications in the matter to reconsider its decision to shut down the coaching centres running in residential properties.

The students, studying at numerous coaching centres in Outram Lines, Kingsway Camp and Mukherjee Nagar, pointed out that any decision in this regard would lead to consequences in their careers.

Source: PTI


Egg prices up 40% on tight supply

New Delhi: Egg prices have jumped by up to 40% to Rs7-7.50 per piece in retail markets in most parts of the country, hit by tight supply, Poultry Federation of India president Ramesh Katri said on Monday.

The prices would continue to rise in coming months as egg production is likely to be lower by 25-30% this year, he said. “Egg prices have increased significantly as many poultry farms have reduced production for the current year because they did not get better rates last year,” Katri told PTI.

In 2016-17, egg prices at the farm gate level (wholesale) were ruling below Rs4 per piece in view of higher domestic output while the cost of production had stood at Rs3.50 per piece, he said.

Due to the losses last year, apprehensive of getting lower rates again and fear of animal welfare activists, many have cut down their production and some have shut their poultry farms, he explained.

Egg prices in retail markets in the national capital are ruling at Rs7-7.50 per piece, up from Rs4-5 last year, according to trade data. A similar situation prevails in other cities as well across the country.

Egg production was around 83 billion in 2015-16 and it remained higher in 2016-17 as well, the government data showed.

Delhi pollution: Air quality ‘very poor’ again, after two days of relief

New Delhi: The air quality of Delhi, which breathed relatively clean air over the last two days, once again turned ‘very poor’ on Monday as the impact of sporadic drizzle in flushing out pollutants ebbed and more vehicles hit the streets on the first working day of the week.

However, forecasters have emphasised that the city’s air quality will remain in the ‘very poor’ category and chances of it deteriorating further in the coming days is less as incursion of pollutants from external sources has stopped.

The Central Pollution Control Board’s (CPCB) National Air Quality Index (AQI) had Delhi in the ‘very poor’ zone with a score of 326. It was 292 on Sunday and 298 on Saturday.

नोएडा: ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग के नाम पर ठगी करने वाला छात्र गिरफ्तार

नोएडा. ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग के जरिये कथित तौर पर ठगी करने वाले एक छात्र को नोएडा पुलिस ने गिरफ्तार किया है. आरोपी ने सेक्टर-3 में दफ्तर खोला हुआ था जहां से वह ठगी की कथित वारदातों को अंजाम देता था.

थाना सेक्टर-20 के प्रभारी निरीक्षक अनिल कुमार शाही ने बताया कि बीती रात पुलिस को सूचना मिली कि सेक्टर-3 में एक व्यक्ति सस्ती ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग का लोभ देकर लोगों से ठगी कर रहा है. उन्होंने कहा कि सूचना के आधार पर पुलिस ने कंपनी पर छापा मारा और पवन मिश्र को गिरफ्तार भी कर लिया है.

पुलिस ने आरोपी के पास से लैपटॉप, मोबाइल फोन और 1.10 लाख रुपये नकद बरामद किए हैं. पूछताछ में आरोपी ने बताया कि वह दिल्ली के एक कॉलेज से पढ़ाई कर रहा है. थाना प्रभारी ने बताया कि आरोपी ने पुलिस को बताया कि वह लोगों को ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग के जरिये सस्ता सामान देने का लोभ देकर ठगी करता है.

#SupremeCourt Says Can’t Ban Movie, Politicians Declare Their Own Verdict

New Delhi, Nov 20: The Supreme Court on Monday ruled out banning Deepika Padukone-starrer Padmavati, saying it can not assume the role of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). “The censor board has a role and the Supreme Court cannot assume that role. Why should the court interfere to stop the release of a movie which has not been cleared by the censor board?” the top court said.

While the Supreme Court refused to interfere in the matter, top politicians finally broke silence over the controversy surrounding the movie which is based on the life of Rajput queen Padmavati who set herself on fire before she could be taken captive by Delhi sultan Alauddin Khilji. While many historians have claimed Padmavati to be a fictitious character, fringe groups like Karni Sena have declared a war against the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika.

Politicians cutting across party lines have opposed film’s release providing an impetus to nation-wide protests. From Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh to Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh, leaders said ‘distortion’ of historical facts won’t be tolerated by the people. Bhansali has repeatedly denied there being any romance sequencing between Khilji and Padmavati in the movie but his appeals to allow the movie be released on December 1 has so far failed to quell the protests.

Aadhaar Data is Never Breached or Leaked: #UIDAI

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) responding to a news report, appeared in certain section of media on “210 Government sites made Aadhaar info public” as if Aadhaar data is leaked or breached, has said that such report is a skewed presentation of the facts and poses as if the Aadhaar data is breached or leaked which is not the true presentation. UIDAI said in a statement here that the Aadhaar data is fully safe and secure and there has been no data leak or breach at UIDAI.

UIDAI said that this said data on these websites was placed in public domain as a measure of proactive disclosure under RTI Act by these government and institutional websites which included beneficiaries’ name, address, bank account, and other details including Aadhaar number and was collected from the third party/users for various welfare schemes. It was this collected info which had been displayed in the public domain under RTI Act. There was no breach or leakage of Aadhaar data from UIDAI database or server as has been aired by the said report.

UIDAI said that acting promptly on this, UIDAI and Ministry of Electronics & IT had directed the concerned Government departments/ministries to immediately remove it from their websites and ensure that such violation do not occur in future. Certain other measures were also taken at various levels to ensure that such incidents of display of Aadhaar numbers do not take place. Following UIDAI’s action such data were removed from these websites immediately. However, the news presented the facts in a skewed manner and misleads readers as if Aadhaar data has been leaked or breached at 210 websites posing Aadhaar security is vulnerable.

UIDAI reiterated that Aadhaar security systems are best of the international standards and Aadhaar data is fully secure. There has been no breach or leakage of Aadhaar data at UIDAI. Also, the Aadhaar numbers which were made public on the said websites do not pose any real threat to the people as biometric information is never shared and is fully secure with highest encryption at UIDAI and mere display of demographic information cannot be misused without biometrics.

UIDAI clarified that Aadhaar number is not a secret number. It is to be shared with authorized agencies when an Aadhaarholder wishes to avail a certain service or benefit of government welfare scheme/s or other services. But that does not mean that the proper use of Aadhaar number poses a security or financial threat. Also, mere availability of Aadhaar number will not be a security threat or will not lead to financial/other fraud, as for a successful authentication fingerprint or iris of individual is also required. Further all authentications happen in presence of personnel of respective service provider which further add to the security of the system.

Furthermore, UIDAI security system has people’s participatory security system like Biometric Lock facility available at UIDAI portal which any Aadhaarholder can use to put his/her own lock on one’s biometric by visiting UIDAI’s official website www.uidai.gov.in.

Global Crude oil price of Indian Basket was US$ 60.27 per bbl on 17.11.2017

The international crude oil price of Indian Basket as computed/published today by Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC) under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas was US$ 60.27 per barrel (bbl) on 17.11.2017. This was lower than the price of US$ 60.57 per bbl on previous publishing day of 16.11.2017.

In rupee terms, the price of Indian Basket decreased to Rs 3908.55 per bbl on 17.11.2017 as compared to Rs. 3954.83 per bbl on 16.11.2017. Rupee closed stronger at Rs. 64.85 per US$ on 17.11.2017 as compared to 65.30 per US$ on 16.11.2017. The table below gives details in this regard:

Particulars Unit Price on November 17, 2017 (Previous trading day i.e. 16.11.2017)
Crude Oil (Indian Basket) ($/bbl)  60.27                       (60.57 )
(Rs/bbl)  3908.55                   (3954.83)
Exchange Rate (Rs/$)  64.85                       (65.30)


AD/SA Daily Crude Oil Price