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Air India Pilot Booked For Sexually Harassing Female Flight Attendant

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 11: An Air India Express pilot was booked by the Kerala Police on charges of sexually harassing a female flight attendant. The police have registered a case against him under section 354 A (sexual harassment) of the Indian Penal Code. (Watch Video: Ruckus at IGI Airport After Delhi-Patna Flight Returns Following Diversion to Varanasi)

In her complaint, filed after an incident in September, the woman said that she had to face constant sexual advances from the pilot and this prompted her to quit her job.

On September 18, as per the complaint, the woman was harassed allegedly again by the pilot. Meanwhile, the police are in the process of recording the statements of the ones who were on duty on that day.

Chocolates, Cosmetics Among Over 170 Items Gone Cheaper After GST Rate Cut

Mumbai, November 10:  The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council, at its 23rd meeting today lowered the tax rates of over 170 commonly used products. A host of daily use items like chocolates, chewing gum, shampoo, deodorant, shoe polish, detergents, nutrition drinks, marble and cosmetics, washing powder, baking powder, make up products have become cheaper.  “All items of common consumption have been reduced from 28 per cent to 18 per cent tax rate, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi said. “Tax on goods of mass consumption like chewing gum, chocolates, shaving items, shampoo, skin creams, whose revenue implication is not much, has been reduced,” Modi told reporters here on the sidelines of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council meet.

Modi further added that the revenue implication of these will be approximately Rs 20,000 crore. Modi said that it was important the system under GST regime stabilises as only four months were remaining for the close of the current financial year. The items that have been retained in the 28 per cent tax bracket include paints, cement and luxury goods like washing machines and air conditioners.

List of products that have gone cheaper after being moved from 28% slab to 18% slab:

  1. Chocolates
  2. Chewing gum
  3. Shampoo
  4. Deodorants
  5. Shaving and Aftershave products
  6. Shoe polish
  7. Confectionery
  8. Hair Oil
  9. Detergents
  10. Granite and marble
  11. Nutrition drinks
  12. Facial make-up
  13. Washing powder
  14. Baking powder

Under the Goods and Services Tax regime, various goods and services have been placed in the brackets of 5, 12, 18 and 28 per cent. There were a total of 227 items in the 28 per cent slab. The fitment committee had recommended that it should be pruned to 62 items but the GST Council has further pruned 12 more items. “There was unanimity that in 28 per cent category there should be only sin and demerit goods. So, today the GST Council took a historic decision, that in the 28 per cent slab there will be only 50 items and the remaining items have been brought down to 18 per cent,” he said.

अलीबाबा ‘सिंगल्स डे’ सेल: 2 घंटों में 12 अरब डॉलर की बिक्री

शंघाई| चीनी ई-कॉमर्स दिग्गज अलीबाबा ने शनिवार को बताया कि उसके 11.11 (11 नवंबर के) वैश्विक शॉपिंग फेस्टिवल (फेस्ट) के दौरान दो घंटों के अंदर 12 अरब डॉलर के सामानों की बिक्री हुई. अलीबाबा ग्रुप होल्डिंग लि. ने एक बयान में कहा कि शॉपिंग फेस्टिवल के पहले दो घंटों में ही करीब 11.9 अरब डॉलर मूल्य के सामानों की बिक्री हुई. 24 घंटों के इस बहुप्रतीक्षित सालाना शॉपिंग फेस्टिवल के 9वें संस्करण का आगाज यहां आधी रात को हुआ, जो चीन के ‘सिंगल्स डे’ पर आयोजित किया गया. यह फेस्टिवल दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा ऑनलाइन फेस्टिवल है.

कंपनी ने बताया कि अलीबाबा क्लाउड (अलीबाबा का ऑनलाइन भुगतान प्लेटफार्म) पर शानदार शॉपिंग फेस्ट के शुरुआती घंटे में करीब 3,25,000 ऑडर्स प्रति सेकेंड खरीदारी की जा रही थी. इसमें कहा गया कि फेस्ट के दौरान अलीपे (अलीबाबा का ऑनलाइन भुगतान प्लेटफार्म) पर करीब 2,56,000 भुगतान प्रति सेकेंड किए गए.

फेस्ट के पहले घंटे में करीब 60 प्रमुख अंतर्राष्ट्रीय ब्रांडों की 1.5 करोड़ डॉलर से अधिक मूल्य की बिक्री हुई, जिसमें एप्पल, नाइक, सैमसंग, जारा और गैप प्रमुख है. इस साल इस फेस्ट में 1,40,000 से अधिक ब्रांड्स ने भाग लिया, जिनके 1.5 करोड़ से अधिक उत्पाद बिक्री के लिए सूचीबद्ध थे.

इस फेस्टिवल की शुरुआत साल 2009 में हुई थी और साल 2016 में कंपनी ने 24 घंटों में 18 अरब डॉलर मूल्य के सामानों की बिक्री की थी, जोकि ब्लैक फ्राइडे और साइबर मंडे (अमेरिका के दो प्रमुख शॉपिंग फेस्टिवल) से करीब 2.5 गुणा अधिक है. इस फेस्ट का लक्ष्य व्यापारियों और ग्राहकों के बीच ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग के बारे में जागरूकता फैलाना है.

Alcohol may lead to insomnia in adolescents

New York, Nov 11 : Are you in your early teens and have started drinking? Avoid doing so, as researchers claimed to have found that alcohol use among early adolescents may lead to insomnia. “These findings indicate that insomnia may be a unique risk marker for alcohol use among young adolescents,” said Naomi Marmorstein, professor at Rutgers University-Camden in the US.

The researcher examined the associations between alcohol use and sleep-related issues on seventh and eighth grade students. When sleep problems were found to be associated with frequency of alcohol use, the researcher examined whether symptoms of mental health problems or levels of parental monitoring accounted for these associations.

The study, published in the Journal Addictive Behaviours, examined the development of mental health problems and resilience among at-risk youth. The participants of the study completed questionnaires that asked how long it took for them to fall asleep, what times they usually went to bed on a weekday and on the weekend or vacation night, how often they experienced sleep disturbances and whether they ever fell asleep in class or had trouble staying awake after school.

They were also asked the frequency of any alcohol use in the previous four months. The researcher determined that symptoms of mental health problems and parental monitoring did not account for the link between insomnia and alcohol use. Overall, there were associations between alcohol and both insomnia and daytime sleepiness. “Parents, educators and therapists should consider insomnia to be a risk marker for alcohol use and alcohol use a risk marker for insomnia, among early adolescents,” said Marmorstein. (IANS)

Jaitley made a mess of GST; PM must appoint new FM, says Yashwant Sinha

Patna: Veteran BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Friday launched a fresh attack on the government, saying Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had not applied his mind while rolling out GST and should be removed from his post.

Sinha, who served as finance minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, said demonetisation has not achieved its goal of flushing black money out of the system.

He also charged the current regime with resorting to lies on the note ban and the new tax regime.

“The finance minister did not apply his mind while rolling out the Goods and Services Tax and that’s why he is tinkering with GST everyday.,” Sinha said on the sidelines of an event organised by former Bihar speaker Uday Narayan Choudhary on reservation.

Jaitley, he added, has made a mess of GST. “The prime minister should bring a new finance minister. I am saying this with full responsibility,” Sinha said.

The former Union minister’s comment came on a day the GST Council chaired by Jaitley met in Guwahati to lower the tax rate on many household items – from the top 28 per cent slab to 18 per cent.

“Now the government is saying that out of 227 items, tax rates will be brought down from 28 to 18 per cent on around 200 items,” Sinha said.

He asked whether the reduction would lead to a decline in revenue collections.

“The current structure of GST is a faulty one and that’s why the government is making amendments everyday,” Sinha alleged.

In his view, “tinkering” with the GST will not serve the purpose, what is needed is a complete overhaul.

In September, Sinha had blamed Jaitley for messing up the country’s economy.

Jaitley returned the barb by caustically referring Sinha as “a job applicant at 80”.

Sinha has suggested that a committee be formed under economist Vijay Kelkar, who had earlier headed a committee on GST, for advising the government on effective and efficient implementation of the tax.

“After one year of demonetisation, we can say that it could not wipe out black money,” he said.

Both demonetisation and GST have brought down the pace of the economy, he said.

The attorney general had submitted before the apex court that the government hoped Rs 4-5 lakh crore would not return to the system, but that did not happen, he said.

“Around 99 per cent money got deposited in the banks.”

People, he added, had deposited money in huge amounts in banks.

“A raid raj is going on across the country and cases are being registered under Income Tax Act. Years will go in deciding whether the deposited money was black money or not,” the former finance minister said.

Ridiculing statements made by some Union ministers that stone pelting has come down in Jammu and Kashmir after the note ban, Sinha said the government was trying to give demonetisation credit for everything.

“The government is publicising it as a success but the fact of the matter is that it has not achieved its objective,” Sinha said, adding that he has taken “sanyas” from electoral politics.

Pradyuman Murder: CBI Takes Class XI Boy to Ryan International School to Recreate Crime Scene

New Delhi, Nov 11: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Saturday took the apprehended Class XI student to Ryan International School in Gurugram to reconstruct the crime scene of the murder of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur. The Class XI student will also be presented before the Juvenile Justice Board this afternoon for further hearing in the Pradyuman murder case.

The CBI has reportedly stated that the Gurugram Police ignored the first few seconds of the CCTV footage which “clearly made” the Class XI student a prime suspect in the murder. The first 8 seconds of the CCTV footage reportedly show the Class XI student calling Pradyuman inside the toilet of the school, where he was found dead.

The CBI has also reportedly said that the apprehended Class XI student was in the list of suspects in the murder of Pradyuman Thakur since the first week of investigation. Reports say that the CBI had raided the Class XI student’s house a month ago. on September 28, and had recovered some documents that had indicated his role in Pradyuman’s murder.

The CBI is also trying to ascertain whether another Ryan International student helped the Class XI boy in murdering Pradyuman Thakur on September 8.

Pradyuman Thakur was found murdered in his school’s toilet, 15 minutes after being dropped to the school by his father, Varun Thakur, on September 8. The Gurugram police had arrested a bus conductor, Ashok Kumar, saying that he had murdered the boy as he resisted sexual assault. Pradyuman’s parents, however, were not satisfied with this theory and had demanded a CBI probe into the matter.