Daily Archive: August 27, 2017

Man held at Delhi airport for smuggling gold worth Rs 27 lakh

NEW DELHI: A man was arrested at the airport here by the Customs Department for allegedly trying to smuggle in gold worth Rs 27 lakh, officials said.
The accused was arrested upon his arrival from Birmingham on Friday. The Customs Department in a statement said the 50-year- old passenger was wearing gold weighing 999 gms worth Rs 27.20 lakh on his wrist.
The passenger, who is an Overseas Citizen of India and holds an Italian passport, has been arrested.

Petrol price up by Rs 6/litre since July; diesel Rs 3.67

NEW DELHI: Petrol price has been hiked by Rs 6 per litre since the beginning of July and is now priced at its highest rate in three years with rates being revised in small dosages daily.

Diesel price has increased by Rs 3.67 a litre and now costs Rs 57.03 a litre in Delhi, the highest in four months, according to data from state-owned oil companies.

A litre of petrol costs Rs 69.04 a litre in Delhi, the highest since second-half of August 2014 when it was priced at Rs 70.33.

State-owned oil companies in June dumped the 15-year old practice of revising rates on 1st and 16th of every month and instead adopted a dynamic daily price revision to instantaneously reflect changes in cost.

Prices of petrol and diesel have been revised at 0600 hrs everyday since June 16.

Rates during the first fortnight dropped but have since July 3 been on the rise.

Petrol price was at Rs 65.48 a litre on June 16 in Delhi and it dropped to Rs 63.06 by July 2. However, rates have since gone up every day except on four occasions when prices were cut by 2-9 paise per litre.

Similarly, a litre of diesel was priced at Rs 54.49 on June 16 and it dropped to Rs 53.36 on July 2, thanks to the softening international oil prices. Since then, it has been on an upswing though the reduction in diesel rates have been on a larger number of occasions than petrol.

Triple whammy strikes Delhi: #Dengue, H1N1, #chikungunya

NEW DELHI: It’s dengueseason, but the city is in the grip of swine flu and chikungunya as well. Where 2016 saw fewer than 200 cases of swine flu, the count is already nearing 2,000 this year. The viral disease has killed at least five people while a 12-year-old died of dengue in south Delhi‘s Humayunpurlast week.

Those are only the official figures – five top hospitals told TOI they have recorded more than 40 swine flu deaths this year. Dengue is also spreading faster than in 2016, with roughly 30% more infections in July this year.

While chikungunya wracked the city during August December last year, cases this year have been reported all through, with a clear uptick July onwards.

It’s unusual for three viral diseases to strike at the same time. “In 20 years of clinical experience, I have not seen this kind of spread of viral illnesses in Delhi. Dengue and swine flu are spreading with similar intensity. People have also tested positive

for chikungunya,” said Dr Suranjit Chatterjee, senior consultant, internal medicine, Apollo hospital. Some patients have also been diagnosed with multiple infections, for example, dengue and typhoid.

“Four members of my family have been down with fever for a week. One of them has tested positive for dengue,” said Kalpana Sharma, a resident of Greater Kailash-1, who is recovering from viral fever. “The fever takes a week or more to subside these days and the after-effects, like bodyache and fatigue, last even longer.” The bad news is that the worst is yet to come as these viral diseases spread faster in September and October. “High levels of humidity in August, September and October aid virus growth and transmission,” said Dr A C Dhariwal, director of National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Dalit literature stalls see high youth interest

New Delhi: While the overall interest in Delhi book fair was relatively subdued on the first day, the footfalls in stalls of publishers offering Ambedkar and Dalit literature remained high. Many proprietors attributed the interest of the youngsters to Rohit Vemula movement and Bhim army protests.
Sandeep Shant, owner of Samyak Prakashan, told TOI that reading, as advocated by Dr BR Ambedkar, has now become an integral part of the dalit anti-oppression movement. “The Bhim army movement has only reinforced the fact that nothing can be achieved unless we educate ourselves with our history,” Shant said.

Man murders sister-in-law, mutilates body in park

DCP (Rohini) Rishi Pal said Shankar told police that he wanted to surrender as he killed his brother’s wife. The victim, Kalawati, was missing since Friday night. An FIR under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC has been registered against the accused.

Shankar, who used to run an e-rickshaw with his brother Fugi Lal, was not happy about Kalawati going to work. Kalawati and Lal had a 16-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son. Officers said that Kalawati used to work in a plastic factory in Budh Vihar. “Shankar was of conservative mindset and did not appreciate working women. He used to urge Kalawati to go back to their village in Uttar Pradesh with her daughter,” an officer said.

Shankar finally told Kalawati that he has booked a train ticket for her to go to the village immediately. On the pretext of dropping her at the station, Shankar took Kalawati to a Vijay Vihar park in his e-rickshaw. Inside the park, he attacked her with a meat cleaver — beheading her. He also chopped off her hands.

तीसरे वनडे में भारत को श्रीलंका से मिला 218 का लक्ष्य, 5 विकेट लेकर छाए बुमराह

जसप्रीत बुमराह की शानदार गेंदबाजी की बदौलत भारत ने पल्लेकेले में रविवार को खेले जा रहे तीसरे वनडे में श्रीलंका को 50 ओवर में 9 विकेट पर 217 रन पर ही रोक दिया. श्रीलंका ने इस मैच में टॉस जीतकर पहले बैटिंग का फैसला किया लेकिन लाहिरू थिरिमाने (80) के अलावा और कोई भी श्रीलंकाई बल्लेबाज टिक नहीं सका और जसप्रीत बुमराह की शानदार गेंदबाजी के श्रीलंका की टीम 217 रन ही बना सकी.

श्रीलंका के लिए लाहिरू थिरिमाने ने सबसे अधिक 80, दिनेश चांदीमल ने 36 और मिलिंदा श्रीवर्धना ने 29 रनों की पारियां खेल. थिरिमाने और चांदीमल को इस मैच में नियमित कप्तान थंरगा पर दो मैच का बने लगने और गुणाथिलाका के चोटिल होने की वजह से मौका मिला है. श्रीलंका की शुरुआत खराब रही और उसके 2 विकेट 18 के स्कोर पर गए. डिकवेला (13) और कुसाल मेंडिस (1) को बुमराह ने सस्ते में लौटा दिया.