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Waseem, 52, donated one of his kidneys to his wife Ayesha, 42, after she had undergone numerous dialyses after being diagnosed with renal failure in 2013. Waseem told TOI, ‘Me and Ayesha had travelled to Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and other places in search of a remedy for her kidney ailment. "When nothing worked and doctors advised a kidney transplant, I decided to offer one of my kidneys. For me, my wife’s life was of prime importance.’


Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. From Motihari, Bihar, comes the story of Mohammad Saidullah, who was annoyed because the boats that went to his village were overcrowded. As a result of this, he was unable to go back home and meet his wife on time. Saidullah thought he must do something, and went on to make an amphibious bicycle that worked on both water and land. This isn’t the first time he’s invented something. His other inventions include a mini tractor, a key operated table fan, and a mini turbine for the generation of electricity. And you know the best part? He names all of his innovations after his wife — Noor.


In June 2013, Vijaykanth and Leela travelled on a pilgrimage from Alwar, Rajasthan, to the mountain state of Uttarakhand. We all know how that June witnessed the most devastating floods. In the same disaster, Leela went missing. For the next year and a half, Vijaykanth searched for her in Uttarakhand and didn’t give up even after she was officially declared dead and his family had received the compensation for her death.

Away from his five children, Vijaykanth went from village to village, with only a photo of Leela for company, asking everyone if they had seen someone who looked like her. In January 2015, 19 months after they were separated, Vijaykanth found his wife, whom some residents had seen wandering around Gongoli village. Sadly, she was so traumatised that she didn’t recognise him, but he brought her home. Thankfully, she is getting better with her family and children by her side.


Article by Maria Wirth

Though I have lived in India for a long time, there are still issues here that I find hard to understand. For example, why do so many educated Indians become agitated when India is referred to as a Hindu country? The majority of Indians are Hindus. India is special because of its ancient Hindu tradition. Westerners are drawn to India because of Hinduism. Why then is there this resistance by many Indians to acknowledge the Hindu roots of their country? Why do some people even give the impression that an India which valued those roots would be dangerous? Don’t they know better?

This attitude is strange for two reasons. First, those educated Indians seem to have a problem only with “Hindu” India, but not with “Muslim” or “Christian” countries. Germany, for example, is a secular country, and only 59 percent of the population are registered with the two big Christian churches (Protestant and Catholic). Nevertheless, the country is bracketed under “Christian countries” and no one objects. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor, stressed recently the Christian roots of Germany and urged the population “to go back to Christian values.” In 2012 she postponed her trip to the G-8 summit to make a public address on Katholikentag, “Catholics Day.” Two major political parties carry Christian in their name, including Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.

Germans are not agitated that Germany is called a Christian country, though I actually would understand if they were. After all, the history of the Church is appalling. The so-called success story of Christianity depended greatly on tyranny. “Convert or die” were the options given—not only some five hundred years ago to the indigenous population in America, but also in Germany, 1,200 years ago, when the emperor Karl the Great ordered the death sentence for refusal of baptism in his newly conquered realms. This provoked his advisor Alkuin to comment: “One can force them to baptism, but how to force them to believe?”

Those times, when one’s life was in danger for dissenting with the dogmas of Christianity, are thankfully over. Today many in the West do dissent and are leaving the Church in a steady stream. They are disgusted with the less-than-holy behavior of Church officials and they also can’t believe in the dogmas, for example that “Jesus is the only way” and that God sends all those who don’t accept this to hell.

The second reason why I can’t understand the resistance to associate India with Hinduism is that Hinduism is in a different category from the Abrahamic religions. Its history, compared to Christianity and Islam, was undoubtedly the least violent as it spread in ancient times by convincing arguments and not by force. It is not a belief system that demands blind acceptance of dogmas and the suspension of one’s intelligence. On the contrary, Hinduism encourages using one’s intelligence to the hilt. It is an enquiry into truth based on a refined character and intellect. It comprises a huge body of ancient literature, not only regarding dharma and philosophy, but also regarding music, architecture, dance, science, astronomy, economics, politics, etc. If Germany or any other Western country had this kind of literary treasure, it would be so proud and highlight its greatness on every occasion. When I discovered the Upanishads, for example, I was stunned. Here was expressed in clear terms what I intuitively had felt to be true, but could not have expressed clearly. Brahman is not partial; it is the invisible, indivisible essence in everything. Everyone gets again and again a chance to discover the ultimate truth and is free to choose his way back to it. Helpful hints are given but not imposed.

In my early days in India I thought every Indian knew and valued his tradition. Slowly I realized I was wrong. The British colonial masters had been successful in not only weaning away many of the elite from their ancient tradition but even making them despise it. It helped that the British-educated class could no longer read the original Sanskrit texts and believed what the British told them. This lack of knowledge and the brainwashing by the British education may be the reason why many so-called “modern” Indians are against anything Hindu. They don’t realize the difference between Western religions that have to be believed (or at least professed) blindly, and which discourage, if not forbid, their adherents to think on their own, and the multi-layered Hindu Dharma which gives freedom and encourages using one’s intelligence.

Many of the Indian educated class do not realize that those who dream of imposing Christianity or Islam on this vast country will applaud them for denigrating Hindu Dharma, because this creates a vacuum where Western ideas can easier gain a foothold. At the same time, many Westerners, including staunch Christians, know the value of Hindu culture and surreptitiously appropriate insights from the vast Indian knowledge system, drop the original Hindu source and present it either as their own or make it look as if these insights had already been known in the West. As the West appropriates valuable and exclusive Hindu assets, what it leaves behind is deemed inferior. Unwittingly, these Indians are helping what Rajiv Malhotra of Infinity Foundation calls the digestion of Dharma civilization into Western universalism. That which is being digested, a deer for example, in this case Hindu Dharma, disappears whereas the digester (a tiger) becomes stronger.

If only missionaries denigrated Hindu Dharma, it would not be so bad, as they clearly have an agenda which discerning Indians would detect. But sadly, Indians with Hindu names assist them because they wrongly believe Hinduism is inferior to Western religions. They belittle everything Hindu instead of getting thorough knowledge. As a rule, they know little about their tradition except what the British have told them, i.e., that the major features are the caste system and idol worship. They don’t realize that India would gain, not lose, if it solidly backed its profound and all-inclusive Hindu tradition. The Dalai Lama said some time ago that, as a youth in Lhasa, he had been deeply impressed by the richness of Indian thought. “India has great potential to help the world,” he added.

When will the Westernized Indian elite realize it?

~ Maria Wirth (freelance writer who has lived in India for the past 33 years)

Think about ideas and innovations mot of @narendramodi @ arvindkejriwal

An excellent post that came my way.. worth sharing with all..

My problem with what’s happening in the country is not about BJP and Congress, Or JNU and anti-nationalism, or Jats and reservation, Or Hindu Extrimism and Muslim Extrimism, Or Beef Ban and Porn Ban, Or Kejriwal and Modi, Or Ravish and that ‘India wants to know’ guy.

My problem is our mindspace being occupied with futile, useless, fruitless, negative, regressive thinking.

In an age when this country should be thinking of inventions and ideas, we are discussing subjects mentioned above.

I like Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. Why can’t we discuss that and talk about it?

That can be a game changer for this country if the entire nation gets involved in it and if the government practices it and not just makes hoardings out of it.

Why isn’t the government and media talking about it?
Why the subject of debate is not development?
Why isn’t RSS talking about it?
Why aren’t the Hindus or Muslims or talking about it?
Why the news channels aren’t focusing on it?
Why Indians on facebook not discussing it?
Or spreading that idea to the world?

Saffron or Green, Beef or Chicken, Porn or Sanskari channels, Temples or Mosques, Jats or Kashmiris aren’t tools of development.

These subjects of conversations are anti-development. And anything that’s anti-development is anti-national atleast for me.
I want to see my India look better than Switzerland.
I want my India to do better than the US in the Olympics.
I want to see my India more civilzed than the most civilized country in this world.
I want my India to be more innovative than Japan.
I want my India to be more safe for woman than Copenhagen, Denmark.
I want my India to be more open minded than Canada.
I want my India to be better than what it is today. And not worse.

And that can only happen when we start thinking productive.
Else we will all be wasting time doing something that is useless, futile, infertile.

Management lesson from Dhirubhai Ambani

धीरूभाई अम्बानी किसी अर्जेंट मिटिगं में जा रहे थे।

राह में एक भयंकर तूफ़ान आया , ड्राइवर ने अम्बानी से पूछा — अब हम क्या करें?

अम्बानी ने जवाब दिया — कार चलाते रहो.

तूफ़ान में कार चलाना बहुत ही मुश्किल हो रहा था, तूफ़ान और भयंकर होता जा रहा था. अब मैं क्या करू ? — ड्राइवर ने पुनः पूछा.

कार चलाते रहो. — अम्बानी ने पुनः कहा.

थोड़ा आगे जाने पर ड्राइवर ने देखा की राह में कई वाहन तूफ़ान की वजह से रुके हुए थे……

उसने फिर अम्बानी से कहा — मुझे कार रोक देनी चाहिए…….मैं मुश्किल से देख पा रहा हुं!!…….

यह भयंकर है और प्रत्येक ने अपना वाहन रोक दिया है…….

इस बार अम्बानी ने फिर निर्देशित किया — कार रोकना नहीं. बस चलाते रहो….

तूफ़ान ने बहुत ही भयंकर रूप धारण कर लिया था किन्तु ड्राइवर ने कार चलाना नहीं छोड़ा……….

और अचानक ही उसने देखा कि कुछ साफ़ दिखने लगा है………

कुछ किलो मीटर आगे जाने के पश्चात ड्राइवर ने देखा कि तूफ़ान थम गया और सूरज निकल आया……

अब अम्बानी ने कहा — अब तुम कार रोक सकते हो और बाहर आ सकते हो……..

चालक ने पूछा — पर अब क्यों?

अम्बानी ने कहा — जब तुम बाहर आओगे तो देखोगे कि जो राह में रुक गए थे, वे अभी भी तूफ़ान में फंसे हुए हैं…..

चूँकि तुमने कार चलाने का प्रयत्न नहीं छोड़ा, तुम तूफ़ान के बाहर हो……

यह किस्सा उन लोगों के लिए एक प्रमाण है जो कठिन समय से गुजर रहे हैं………

मजबूत से मजबूत इंसान भी प्रयास छोड़ देते हैं……..किन्तु प्रयास कभी भी छोड़ना नहीं चाहिए…….

निश्चित ही जिन्दगी के कठिन समय गुजर जायेंगे और सुबह के सूरज की भांति चमक आपके जीवन में पुनः आयेगी…….!!

ऐसा नहीं है की जिंदगी बहुत छोटी है। दरअसल हम जीना ही बहुत देर से शुरू करते हैं!!


CRICKET (IPL 9) – 2016

Sab sa pahal hamara group
Schedule :
👉 011.04.2016 – KKR vs MI
👉 012.04.2016 – pun vs DD
👉 13.04.2016- KXIP vs Raj
👉 14.04.2016- pun vs SRH
👉 14.04.2016 – KKR vs RCB
👉 15.04.2016 – DD vs Raj
👉 15.04.2016 – MI vs KXIP
👉 16.04.2016- RCB vs SRH
👉 17.04.2016- Raj vs MI
👉 18.04.2016 – KKR vs pun
👉 19.04.2016- KXIP vs DD
👉 12.04.2016- SHR vs Raj
👉 21.04.2016 – MI vs pun
👉 22.04.2016- SHR vs DD
👉 22.04.2016 – KXIP vs KKR
👉 23.04.2016- Raj vs pun
👉 24.04.2016 – RCB vs MI
👉 25.04.2016 – DD vs KKR
👉 26.04.2016- Raj vs KXIP
👉 27.04.2016 – SRH vs KKR
👉 28.04.2016- RCB vs pun
👉 29.04.2016 – DD vs MI
👉 24.04.2016- Raj vs RCB
👉 25.04.2016- MI vs SRH
👉 25.04.2016-pun vs KXIP
👉 26.04.2016- KKR vs Raj
👉 26.04.2016- DD vs RCB
👉 27.04.2016- KXIP vs SRH
👉 28.04.2016 – KKR vs DD
👉 29.04.2016 – RCB vs Raj
👉 30.04.2016 – pun vs KKR
👉 01.05.2016- DD vs KXIP
👉 01.05.2016 – MI vs RR
👉 02.05.2016- RCB vs KKR
👉 02.05.2016 – SRH vs pun
👉 03.05.2016 – KXIP vs MI
👉 03.05.2016 – Raj vs DD
👉 04.05.2016 – pun vs RCB
👉 04.05.2016- KKR vs SRH
👉 05.05.2016- MI vs DD
👉 06.05.2016- RCB vs KXIP
👉 07.05.2016- Raj vs SRH
👉 08.05.2016 – pun vs MI
👉 09.05.2016 – KKR vs KXIP
👉 09.05.2016 – DD vs SRH
👉 10.05.2016 – MI vs RCB
👉 10.05.2016 – pun vs Raj
👉 11.05.2016- SRH vs KXIP
👉 12.05.2016 – DD vs SRH
👉 13.05.2016- KXIP vs RCB
👉 14.05.2016 – MI vs KKR
👉 15.05.2016 – SRH vs RCB
👉 16.05.2016 – KXIP vs pun
👉 16.05.2016 – Raj vs KKR
👉 17.05.2016 – RCB vs DD
👉 17.05.2016 – SRH vs MI

End of League Phase
👉 18.05.2016- REST DAY

👉 20.05.2016- Qualifier 1
👉 22.05.2016 – Eliminator
👉 24.05.2016 – REST DAY
👉 22.05.2016 – Qualifier 2
👉 26.05.2016 – RESTi DAY
👉 27.05.2016 – FINAL🏆FINAL🏆

T20 वर्ल्ड कप 2016.

15 मार्च 🇮🇳भारत/न्यूजीलैण्ड

16 मार्च वेस्टइंड़ीज/इंग्लैण्ड

16 मार्च पकिस्तान/आयरलैंड

17 मार्च श्रीलंका/ज़िम्बाब्वे

18 मार्च ऑस्ट्रेलिया/न्यूजीलेंड

18 मार्च द.अफ्रिका/इंग्लैंड

19 मार्च 🇮🇳हिन्दुस्तान/पाकिस्तान

20 मार्च द.अफ्रिका/ज़िम्बाब्वे

20 मार्च श्रीलंका/वेस्टइंडीज

21 मार्च ऑस्ट्रेलिया/आयरलैंड

22 मार्च न्यूजीलैंड/पकिस्तान

23 मार्च इंग्लैंड/जिम्बाब्वे

23 मार्च 🇮🇳भारत/आयरलैंड

25 मार्च पाकिस्तान/ऑस्ट्रेलिया

25 मार्च द.अफ़्रीका/वेस्टइंडीज

26 मार्च न्यूजीलेंड/आयरलैंड

26 मार्च इंग्लैंड/श्रीलंका

27 मार्च 🇮🇳भारत/ऑस्ट्रेलिया

27 मार्च वेस्टइंडीज/जिम्बाब्वे

28 मार्च द.अफ्रीका/श्रीलंका

30 मार्च पहला सेमीफाइनल

31 मार्च दूसरा सेमीफाइलन

3 अप्रैल T20 फाइनल

फटाफट क्रिकेट वर्ल्ड कप का लुफ्त लीजिये। टाइम टेबल आप के मोबाइल में सबसे पहले मेरी तरफ से।


पानी आकाश से गिरे तो……..बारिश,
आकाश की ओर उठे तो……..भाप,
अगर जम कर गिरे तो………..ओले,
अगर गिर कर जमे तो………..बर्फ,
फूल पर हो तो………………..ओस,
फूल से निकले तो…………….इत्र,
जमा हो जाए तो………………झील,
बहने लगे तो………………….नदी,
सीमाओं में रहे तो…………….जीवन,
सीमाएं तोड़ दे तो…………….प्रलय,
आँख से निकले तो…………..आँसू,
शरीर से निकले तो…………..पसीना,
प्रभु के चरणों को छू कर निकले तो…………………….चरणामृत

( आज विश्व जल दिवस पर समर्पित )
Save Water💧Save Life

Now transfer confirmed ticket in blood relations name

This is regarding transfer of confirmed rail ticket. Very good initiative by Railway Minister.

1. A confirmed railway ticket can be transferred to your blood relations.

2. If a person is holding a confirmed ticket and is unable to travel, then the ticket can be transferred to his / her family members including father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife.

3. For transfer of ticket, an application must be submitted atleast 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure of the train to chief reservation supervisor with ID proof.

4. Government officials can transfer to other govt official.

5. Students can transfer ticket to other students.

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